Sleep Deprived? 6 Tips to Still Conduct Successful “Next Morning” Interviews

Sleep specialists recommend that the average person, even high-powered recruiters, should be targeting 7 or 8 hours of sleep per night. But, things don’t always work out that way. For whatever reason, it could be jet lag, a bumpy flight, sick children, stress, noisy neighbors, insomnia or simply a product of a busy life, many of you will wake up in a sleep-deprived state on the day of intensive interviewing or meetings…



Job Seekers Recruited via Social More Likely to Be Hired

As newly graduated students and the recently unemployed look for open positions in a difficult job market, companies are on the lookout for new employees. Many employers are using social recruiting, in which companies find potential job candidates on social media sites like LinkedIn,Facebook and Twitter.

What might be surprising is social recruiting is more likely to get you hired, plus it can help you stay employed longer…


4 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid if You’re Job Hunting


We’re living in a day and age when the internet is an inevitably large part of our lives in a number of different ways. Naturally, it’s a huge part of how you keep tabs on your social life or unwind after a long week. It’s also probably a huge outlet for you when it comes to expressing yourself and cutting loose.

However, it’s important to always remember that the internet is a smaller world than you realize. The person you are in front of your Facebook friends or your Twitter followers can easily run into a potential new boss if you’re job hunting right now. Here are some mistakes to avoid in order to prevent making a bad impression…